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How to Eat Healthy Food on a Budget

How to Eat Healthy Food on a Budget

There has always been a rivalry between healthy eating and budget eating. Oftentimes the moment health is prioritized, the budget will have to suffer. But when budget gets the priority the health will have to be set aside. It is important for moms to be wise in food preparation for she holds the key to her family’s wellness.

The following are simple worry free tips on how to prepare food which are healthy yet affordable.


It may sound too traditional but it will help a lot if you have a list of food to prepare for the whole week. List down first the health needs of the family or if possible individual needs and try to come up with recipes that will benefit not only some but every member of the family. A list will also help in avoiding unnecessary grocery purchases.

Buy Wholesale

Whenever possible, buy items in bulk as they are much cheaper than those sold in retail. But be sure to read the manufacturing and expiry date as there are risks of food wastage in bulk buying, according to Parenting.

Consider Foods in Season

Foods which are in season are cheaper as there is high supply in the market. Consider these ingredients when planning for your meals.

Eat Before Shopping

It is obviously less expensive to eat at home than outside. Be sure to have enough before you go shopping as there is a high risk of unnecessary spending when you go shopping hungry.

Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

Frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables have a very little difference when it comes to nutrients but a bit high difference in price. You may want to consider buying frozen as they also lessen the amount of waste for you may only take what you can consume.

Generic brands

Branded goods are expensive not because they are more effective than generic ones but because of the amount spent in packaging and advertisement. There are a lot of generic brands out there which has the same amount of nutrients as branded ones. Spending a little more time in reading the nutrition facts can be a big help, according to American Heart Association.

Budget and health does not have to be separated, it only takes strategy and planning to start eating healthy food.