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Benefits of Counting Calories

Benefits of Counting Calories

Many people are counting the calories in the food they eat in order to maintain or lose weight. However, several experts agree that this is not beneficial to those who want to get rid of extra flab. In fact, this will only cause them to be fatter or worse, have an eating disorder. However, you should not give up counting calories just yet.

While counting calories may not be good for your weight loss strategy, research has shown that it can help reduce the risk of getting diabetes, particularly type 2. When a person has type 2 diabetes, he or she cannot produce adequate amounts of insulin; in other cases, the body is unable to use the hormone. As a result, the glucose levels rise and this can have many devastating results. When left untreated and uncontrolled, this can lead to stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and heart attack.Calorie Count

Diabetes and Counting Calories

You probably already know that people with the biggest risk of acquiring diabetes are those who are overweight. Simply losing a small amount of weight can actually stop you from getting this deadly disease. This is where counting calories becomes very helpful. According to a clinical research entitled the Diabetes Prevention Program, losing five to 10% of your overall body weight can help you avoid becoming diabetic. Add moderate exercise into the equation and you will surely be free from the disease. Meanwhile, if you are already diabetic, losing at least five pounds can help you control how the disease affects you.

Losing weight means you don’t need a lot of insulin. Additionally, your body will be able to consume the existing insulin more effectively, giving you the chance to take fewer medications. With the help of counting calories, you will be encouraged to eat less, which is why this method is approved by the American Diabetes Association.

Count Calories to Eat Smarter

Since you know the amount of calories you take in, you can battle weight gain and diabetes at the same time. To start eating smarter, you should cook meals that have healthy ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good fats. You should also eat more protein, which you can get from meat sources. However, be sure not to overeat meat, so just focus on eating servings that are about the size of your palm.

You should also start drinking more water, since this beverage does not have calories at all. Instead of indulging in lots of sugar, you can select healthy sugar substitutes in order for you to control how much sugar you consume.

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